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ISO 17665-1 only provides very general guidelines on steam sterilization requirements and operations.ISO 17665-2 tries to describe these guidelines more specifically through the use of examples and further explanation.And another step is if steam id is in database and email is in database and they match but user is not confirmed yet to send him message that he needs to confirm.There are few different approaches to this but i am concerned a bit with passing json data and security since i need to catch userid from steam and pass data into another view.Creating platform-specific accounts seems to be easier first but if you want to play on other platforms and devices as well, setting an email address immediately is more convenient in the long run.

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Moist heat sterilization processes covered by ISO 17665-06 include but are not limited to: ISO 17665 covers sterilization of solid as well as liquid medical devices.So here is how basic controller looks from pass array of data from loged in user on steam.What i would need to implement a few different checks before i even register user and store any data in the database. First i created a route Looks like storing the data in the session will make it work, i don't know how i didn't remember that before since i made very similar auth function about a year ago for some custom made website and i used session to remember user data.Here's how you can assign an email address and password to your account: Facebook: it's easy as your login data are emailed to your Facebook email address so you can change them.Google Play Games (Google account): log out of your profile (do not delete it!