Skinny guy dating

Damn you, gender roles I'm conditioned to believe in.4. When you're on top during sex and you're worried his lungs will collapse.

As a tall girl, the height factor was pretty whatever, but the skinny factor brought on some awkwardness that I was not prepared for. I’ve got big boobs, sizable hips and some delightful little stretch-mark covered love handles.

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From awkward spooning to dominating figures, here are 10 things that you’ll only understand if you’re a not so skinny girl who hooked up with a oh so skinny dude. 6) You can’t help but wonder if he considers you big compared to him like you consider him small compared to you. 7) You’re super turned on when they end up being surprisingly strong. 8) You can’t help but look at them and wonder where all the food goes. 9) You’ve thought that it probably makes more sense to you to be the big spoon. 10) No matter how much weirdness and insecurity is going through your head, you’re still pretty validated and they seem to be having a good time with your lovely lady lumps.

1) You’ll ask whether or not you’re squishing their arm in the middle of getting busy. 2) And even when they insist that you aren’t, you’ll ask again, like, five minutes later. 3) When they squeeze your fleshy fatty bits you’re wondering if they’re turned on or just don’t have anything else to do with their hands at the moment. 4) You feel super dominating whenever you’re making out on top of them. 5) You’ve seriously considered whether or not you could kill him with your thighs.