Mandating videotaping of interrogations

Relatively few criminal suspects make false confessions that lead to subsequent wrongful has several other effects that benefit law enforcement more than criminal suspects.Part II of this comment discusses the history of the movement to record and the contemporary debate surrounding mandatory recording.It also surveys several types of recording requirements and the typical arguments for and against them.The New York State legislature has consistently failed to pass legislation mandating videotaping of interrogations, even though bills have been introduced for over a decade.New York State should require recording of interrogations for two very simple reasons. It's a valuable tool to substantiate correct convictions, and minimize wrongful convictions.This can help enhance communities' faith in police and the criminal justice process.

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Public Act 479 of 2012 is accessible by following this link: A field survey was also conducted in which all Michigan law enforcement agencies were invited to participate.Based on the completed analysis, staff recommended six standards for the audiovisual recording of certain felonies as defined by the Act.The Innocence Project, an organization dedicated to exonerating the wrongfully convicted by means of DNA testing, has to date been responsible for freeing 197 people from unjust imprisonment.By examining the particulars of wrongful conviction cases, the Innocence Project has also identified several factors contributing to these miscarriages of justice.